Langdon House Policies, Rules, Regulations & Extra Charges

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Policies, Rules, Regulations & Extra Charges

This list may change or may not constitute the complete list of
policies, rules, regulations, and extra charges.

• The rights, privacy, and comfort of other guests are to be respected at all times.

• A realistic sense of peace & quiet should be practiced between the hours of 10 pm and 9 am in respect and consideration of those going to bed early or sleeping late.

• A guest’s verbal commitment and “personal guarantee” at the time of their reservation shall be considered a valid, legally binding verbal contract unless a cancelation has been agreed to by Langdon House management.

• There is no such thing as “tentative” reservations.

•A specific reservation process is adhered to which includes but not limited to guests names, primary address, and contact phone numbers, specific reservation dates, charges and commitments to compliance.

• A person making the reservations on behalf of guest(s) other than themselves shall ultimately be held responsible for the charges, payments and commitments made on behalf of the other guest(s) should those guests fail to take responsibility for the commitments made in their behalf.

• Payment in full is required at the time of reservation via credit card or shortly there after via personal check, money order, traveler’s check, certified bank check or electronic fund transfer.
CANCELATION & RESERVATION POLICIES – We have made our cancelation policy as fair as possible to both our guests and ourselves in the unfortunate event  of an unforeseen need for the cancelation of a reservation.  As a micro-enterprise we cannot bear the burden of the expense such unforeseen events would cause us, any one night is 25% of our potential income for that day and we cannot afford to gamble with cancelations time and again.  However, we have no interest and consider it unethical to double bill a room  —  retaining a guest’s deposit in the event that they must cancel their reservation and then reselling that room to someone else.  We make a concerted effort to rebook all cancelations and refund the payments a guest as made made in advance.  Our sole concern is to protect ourselves from the financial loss of missing a room sale while providing our guests the confidence and service of a reserved room.  Refunds are made under the following guidelines:

A refund is made if a cancelation notice is made 14 days prior to the reservation date for single room reservations, 21 days for reservations of two rooms and 30 days for three rooms or whole house reservations, after these dates it is a matter of the value in lost room sales should we be unable to rebooked those canceled dates —  if no one has asked for accommodations for the reserved dates and hence we have not “turned someone away”, then we will refund the guest’s money; if we have turned someone away but we are able to resell the reserved dates, the guest’s money is refunded; if we are able to resell only a portion of the reserved period or sell the reserved period at a discount in an effort to refund as much as possible and avoid a total loss, refund is made accordingly, pro-rata.  Under all circumstances there is a $35 service charge for any cancelation.

• There is an extra charge if management deems excessive cleaning is necessary due to a guest’s abuse or negligence — this might include, but is not limited to, excessive trash, spills, beach sand, soiling/staining of bed spreads, towels or linens, etc.

• Langdon House caters to an adult clientele, hence, children under 12 years of age cannot be accommodated.

• Pets cannot be accommodated.

• Damages:  Costs for loss, repair or replacement of any property damaged by a guest through negligence, abuse, or intent is ultimately the burden of the guest who made the reservation of accommodation with such charges made to their account or credit card  — an additional service charge of  $50 or 10% (whichever is greater) will be added to the costs of repair/replacement/loss.

• Privacy is to be respected for all areas that are not specifically designated as a common “guest area”.  The second floor porch is often designated “semi-private” for those guests accommodated in the “master Guest” room on the second floor.

• The guest shall not assign his/her reservation or sublet their accommodations in whole or in part without written permission of the Langdon House management.

• Only registered guests are permitted within the inn confines unless otherwise approved by management.  Visitation by anyone other than registered guests requires the direct consent of Langdon House management.

• Disruptive or illegal behavior of any kind is prohibited and cause for immediate cancelation and eviction.

• Each guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Langdon House management, employees and owners from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including a guest’s associates) as a result of any cause, unless caused by excess negligence or willful act of Langdon House management, owners or employees.

• In the oft and very rare chance that we inadvertently “double book” a room (the reservation of the same room on the same night for two different guest parties) each guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Langdon House management, employees and owners from and against any liability  with the knowledge and understanding that the utmost of all reasonable efforts will be made to relocate the second party** to other accommodations of equal or greater value than what was promised at the Langdon House, however, should only accommoda-tions of lesser value be available, reimbursement of the difference shall be made or, in either case, the guest can simply request reimbursement of any money they have prepaid. If no accommodations can be found liability shall be limited to the reimbursement of all prepayments plus 25% of one night’s lodging at the rate reserved.  **The “second party” is determined as the latter of the dates of receipt of the reservation prepayment.

All parties shall comply with the North Carolina Statue, Chapter 72. Governing Inns, Hotels and Restaurants.

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